Duet Matratze
  • Duet Matratze

    Duet Mattress presents box spring effects by the combination of bonel spring , pocket spring and filler layer together. It maintains the natural curvature of the spine by adapting perfectly to
    the curves of the body. With its flexible and shock-absorbing feature, it prevents spouses from being affected by each other’s movements during sleep.


    Bonnell Spring
    It is a high strength spring system that makes the filling
    material with which it is used last long, which consists
    of steel wires whose tiredness is removed.


    Embossed Woven Fabric: Viscose
    Dehumidifying effect of the viscose obtained from
    beech tree keeps the body cool. And the thread’s
    delicate and steady spinning feature also offers more
    comfortable structure on the surface giving the feeling
    of a soft tissue.


    8 cm Pockey Spring System
    8 cm Pocket Spring System that move independent of
    each other.


    Feather Sponge
    It is a kind of flexible and soft sponge which prevents
    pressure on convex areas of the body and increases






      279,00 €Preis

      Address: Grenzallee 22


      Email:  online@ersin-moebel.de

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